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Holiday cheer

Holiday cheer

Although it may be a tall order to be jolly in Latvia these days with the economy in the crapper, the season for holiday cheer and all that goes with it is nearly here. We won’t dwell on the negative: frantic shopping trips, uncomfortable meetings with in-laws, acid-reflux due to fatty foods and killer hangovers that could split your cranium wide open. Let’s concentrate on the good things that December and January bring like a stroll through the Christmas markets on Doma and Līvu squares where the aroma of mulled wine, grilled sausages and gingerbread cookies can defrost even the hardest of hearts. They’re also treasure troves for holiday shopping so you can give your Uncle Al traditional Latvian wool socks or mittens this Christmas instead of the usual fruitcake.
If you’d rather impale yourself on an Old Riga icicle than shop for souvenirs there are plenty of other things to do that have nothing to do with the holidays. Hit a ski resort in the countryside, take a train to Sigulda for a run on the bobsleigh track or rent some ice skates at the Lido recreation centre right here in Riga. If all that seems a bit too active, then buy a ticket to that quintessential Latvian experience, a Dynamo Riga hockey home game at Arena Riga. Have a safe holiday in Latvia and a wonderful 2010!


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